Saturday, 2 November 2013

Evidence that Pokerstars is Rigged!!!

This Blog will show you why Pokerstars is rigged. Now, on 2 Nov 2013, I play on Pokerstars... and guess what, the number of bad beats are out of these worlds! How bad is it??? Take a look at all the hands below!! This is the hand I get from playing in a day on 2 Nov!!!!!

These hands in 1 day will show you just how RIGGED pokerstar is! So, don't waste your time and money playing on Pokerstars. Go play on another site. 888bet, party poker are a lot better, they don't rig player.

Sunday, 13 October 2013

Proof and Evidence that Pokerstars is Rigged October 13

Hey Everyone, come see this first hands i just finished the tournament. This first hand shows you how rigged pokerstars is. I folded 20 hands in a row and get KK and i shove. Some donkey with shit hand call with 34 unsuited and see what happen below. This happens regularly on FULLTILT and POKERSTARS.

Pokerstars and FULLTILT is rigged and scamming players. DO NOT PLAY ON POKERSTARS. Their shuffling algorithm is rigged to boost their rake income.



Saturday, 12 October 2013

Pokerstars Rigged players cards, money. Scam and hoax company. See my play on Oct 10

Below you will see all the hands by me that shows Pokerstars is rigged and cheating players money. If you want to play on pokerstars, i advise you to NOT PLAY ON POKERSTARS. Just look at all the hands below, are you able to take all the unnatural bad beats? Your best hands losing 9-10 times in a row!
The only reason I'm still playing is to show you guys that pokerstars is rigged, so please don't play on pokerstars, the scam, cheating, hoax, shuffling code rigged to let bad players win and improve their rake income.
If you can endure this common bad beats, then play on pokerstars, if not, just quit it. Don't waste your time and money for scam pokerstars.



Pokerstars rigging date Oct 6

So here are the proof that pokerstars is rigged. This is one player's statistic and doesn't have other players. So this is a strong proof and evidence that pokerstars is rigged and cheating players. Take a look at the cards below. All cards are either ALL IN preflop or on the flop. Nonetheless, I always have the best hand always and lose.



Pokerstars cheating your money, Do not play on Pokerstars 3 Oct

So today, i played on pokerstars again to prove this website is rigged. Here's are the hands.. as usual , the best hand always lose. Please note most hands are ALL IN.

Pokerstars will rig your hand to $0. Please note this is just one players hand statistic so this is very accurate and good evidence that pokerstars is rigged.

Pokerstars is rigged and cheated players Oct 1

So I played on Pokerstars today and let's see all the hands I go all in with. All my best hands lose due to the pokerstars being rigged and cheated players. Pokerstars algorithm is a hoax and rig better hand to lose. Do not play on pokerstars if you want to go bankrupt.
If you don't believe, just see the hands that i played today.....


Friday, 27 September 2013

Pokerstars is rigged, scammed, cheat, steal money, bad beats good players

These are the compilation of all hands which I was rigged by pokerstars. My hand is always best pre-flop or on the flop, as usual, get fucked so bad on the turn or river.

Pokerstars is 100% rigged guys, beware of Pokerstars, dont play on it. You will lose all your money!